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WATCH: President Trump Tells Crowd He 100% Agrees With ‘Lock Her Up Chant’

President Donald Trump told supporters at an event in Florida on Friday that he “100 percent agrees” with the “lock her up” chants about Hillary Clinton.

Normally, when the “lock her up” chants begin, Trump keeps quiet before continuing his speech — but not this time.

As soon as President Trump mentioned Clinton the crowd immediately erupted in the classic chant, prompting a new response from the president.

Attendees at Trump Senior event shout “Lock her up!” at the mention of Hillary Clinton.

President Trump: “I agree with you 100%.”

— The Hill (@thehill) October 16, 2020

“Yeah. I agree with you. I used to just be quiet on that. I agree with you 100 percent,” Trump said.

President Trump went on to say that Russiagate is “the greatest hoax and the greatest political crime in the history of our country.”

Last week, President Trump put more pressure on Bill Barr to step up to the plate.

“To be honest, Bill Barr is going to go down as either the greatest attorney general in the history of the country or he’s going to go down as, you know, a very sad situation,” Trump said last week. “I’ll be honest with you. He’s got all the information he needs. They want to get more, more, more. They keep getting more. I said, ‘you don’t need any more.’”

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